With ten years of experience making furniture and joinery in Melbourne and Japan, Hugh decided to develop some products for his own home which had decorative and practical value. These pieces, including tables, chairs and storage became the range from which H.McC. was established.

Hugh’s furniture aims to bring comfort to a space and celebrates the natural look and feel of timber. Nothing is over-embellished. All details have been considered and have purpose.

Every H.McC. piece is made by Hugh in his Blackburn workshop using hand tools and industrial machinery, utilising traditional wood joints and natural hard wax oils selected to wear well over time. There is no middleman, stockpile or factory production line, the furniture is always made-to-order allowing Hugh to customise the size, timber species and colours to suit your needs.

Whilst the H.McC range continues to evolve, Hugh’s values remain unchanged: making useful, sturdy products that will serve you for a long time.

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